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BASF and ENGIE seal biomethane deal

BASF and ENGIE have signed a seven-year agreement for biomethane supply to reduce BASF's carbon footprint in Europe

BASF and ENGIE have entered into a seven-year Biomethane Purchase Agreement (BPA), under which ENGIE will supply BASF with between 2.7 and 3.0 terawatt hours of biomethane over the term of the agreement.

Biomethane is a renewable gas created by fermenting organic waste from homes, farms or industries.

This renewable gas will be used at BASF’s Ludwigshafen site in Germany and Antwerp site in Belgium as a sustainable alternative to fossil raw materials in chemical production.

The use of certified biomethane supports BASF’s efforts to lower its carbon footprint and aligns with the company’s sustainable transformation goals.

The allocation of biomethane to end products is verified through a globally recognised certification scheme known as the Biomass Balance approach.

This strategy enables BASF to offer customers in various industries, such as automotive, packaging and detergents, products with reduced or zero Product Carbon Footprints (PCF).

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