Russian energy giant Gazprom dodges EU fine in competition probe

The European Commission has instead imposed a set of legally binding obligations

Ireland offers €500k for smart renewable energy systems

Proposals must be submitted by applicants from Ireland and at least one other European partner country

New hydrogen fuel cell EVs trial kicks off in Europe

The project will deploy fleets of 60 hydrogen fuelled vehicles each in London, Paris and Brussels

‘UK must be able operate as independent nuclear state post-Brexit’

The UK Government aims to achieve a close association with Euratom but plans to be prepared to operate as an independent nuclear state if necessary

Green gas ‘could save Europe €140bn a year’

The smart use of renewable gas is needed for Europe to hit its climate goals and could save as much as €140 billion (£124bn) each year. That’s according to a new report from the Gas for Climate initiative, which is made up of seven gas transport companies including Enagás, Fluxys and Gasunie, as well as two […]

EU ‘could double renewables in energy mix by 2030’

The EU could double the volume of renewable energy in its energy mix, reaching a share of 34% by 2030. That’s according to the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), which says this is possible with existing technologies and would require an estimated investment of around €62 billion (£54.7bn) per year. It adds raising the share […]

Hull University leads £3.8m EU waste project

A £3.8 million project investigating sustainability and waste minimisation across Europe has been launched by the University of Hull. The EU-funded Horizon 2020 project aims to achieve a more circular economy across the continent, which would use resources for as long as possible before reusing or recycling their component materials. It hopes to deliver 15 […]

EU approves Belgian clean schemes

The EU has approved two Belgian certification schemes for renewable electricity and high-efficiency cogeneration. It said the initiatives in Flanders were in line with EU State aid rules because they contribute to reaching international energy and climate goals whilst preserving competition in the market. The green certificates scheme means renewable electricity producers can receive one […]

Nordic green bonds ‘at a record high’

Green bond issuance in Nordic nations is at a record high, despite the relatively small size of many countries in the region. A new report from the Climate Bonds Initiative shows Sweden is the sixth largest green bond issuer in the world, followed by Norway in 16th place, Denmark in 17th and Finland in 20th. […]

New partnership offers demand side response in Europe

An energy efficiency and renewable firm has partnered with Flexitricity for demand side response (DSR) services in the UK and across Europe. The latter firm will provide DSR services to Ameresco’s industrial and commercial customers, which will include short term operating reserve, capacity market, triad avoidance and demand turn-up. Under DSR schemes, consumers are rewarded […]