Risk of “bottleneck” for renewable energy raw materials

Crucial rare earth and raw materials needed for solar panels, energy efficient motors and electric car batteries could be harder to get as demand grows. That’s according to a new report by environmental charity WWF and green energy consultancy Ecofys which warns there’s a risk of a “bottleneck” effect for materials such as lithium, cobalt, […]

More CEOs seeing danger in energy

More than half of CEOs see energy and raw material costs as a threat to their business growth – a three year high according to analysts. The new research shows 53% of CEOs – a 7% increase on last year’s results – said the issue had now overtaken consumer spending and behaviour as one of […]

Manufacturers clamour for action to halt “resource crisis”

Britain faces a “raw material crunch” unless the Government creates a stronger strategy to keep valuable raw materials circulating in the economy. That’s according to a group of business and environmental organisations which yesterday wrote to the Government calling for action and suggesting a new body be formed to specifically deal with the problem. The […]