Giant biomethane production plant switched on in France

Veolia and Waga Energy announced the commissioning of the production unit which used biogas from a non-hazardous waste storage facility

New partnership to accelerate biomethane production

TotalEnergies and Veolia have partnered to produce biomethane from waste and water treatment facilities

FortisBC proposes to provide 100% renewable gas to all new homes

Every newly-built home connecting to the gas system would automatically receive renewable gas for the lifespan of the building, helping to dramatically cut emissions without changing the heating equipment

Total acquires French biogas company

Fonroche Biogaz currently operates seven anaerobic digestion units in France and has four more projects in the pipeline

bp and Enagás team up to develop low carbon transport fuels in Spain

The agreement aims to scale up the production of sustainable fuels in the Spanish market and develop the necessary infrastructure for wider adoption

Approval granted for £150m renewable gas plant in Cheshire

The Bio-Substitute Natural Gas plant will generate renewable gas from up to 175,000 tonnes of bio-resources, including unrecyclable wood and refuse-derived fuel

UPS turns to rubbish gas to clean up its emissions

The delivery giant is buying 170m gallons equivalent of the fuel source, produced naturally from bio sources like landfills and dairy farms

BP to buy US green gas assets for $155m

BP is buying Clean Energy’s green gas business for $155 million (£126m). That includes existing biomethane production plants, its share of two new facilities under construction and third-party supply contracts for green gas. Clean Energy captures biomethane gas emitted from landfill waste sites and processes and purifies it to pump through pipelines. Biomethane, or renewable […]