IEA: Clean energy sources to power global electricity demand in three years

The International Energy Agency predicts that clean and low emission power sources, including renewables and nuclear power, are poised to meet the world’s growing demand for electricity over the next three years

Liquid hydrogen powers electric aircraft

A German aerospace developer has completed the world’s first piloted flight of an electric aircraft fueled by liquid hydrogen

Solar energy steals the spotlight

More than three-quarters of Britons have expressed support for solar energy, according to a new survey

Newcastle researchers create sustainable indoor solar cells for IoT

Researchers at Newcastle University have developed indoor solar cells that can efficiently harness ambient light to power IoT devices

Boris Johnson calls for step-by-step end to reliance on Russian gas

A new energy supply strategy is set to be unveiled by the government in the coming days

Brits ‘confused over sources of emissions’

The public is “increasingly concerned” about tackling climate change in the UK but have little understanding of the sources of emissions. That’s according to a new poll which revealed 37% of people believe this month’s floods were caused as a result of climate change. However when questioned about energy sources, almost 20% believe nuclear is […]