Ofgem greenlights independent aggregators in wholesale flexibility market

The energy regulator’s decision to broaden wholesale market access, has been welcomed by the Association for Decentralised Energy

Call for home sale regulations to boost energy efficiency

The Association for Decentralised Energy has highlighted limited progress in owner-occupied homes, impacting the UK’s energy efficiency goals

‘Efficiency standards should be in place for all new homes’

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‘For net zero’s success, public sector must take charge’

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Will the Revived Energy Security Bill make 2023 a turning point in energy crisis?

The Bill allows networks to provide nearly 20% of heat in UK buildings by 2050

How high will energy bills be after April 2023?

Experts have predicted that without more intervention, energy bills will rise to £4,348 in April

Incentives to pay customers to use energy off-peak too low, say energy firms

Suppliers say the cash savings for a customer through the proposed scheme are low

Prime Minister’s bills cap welcomed – but there’s one ‘critical omission’…

Trade bodies welcome Liz Truss’ energy bills care package but look for more focus on energy efficiency

Industry reacts to government’s Electricity Security Bill

What are the industry’s thoughts about the Energy Security Bill?

Will Insulate Britain lend its name to government’s alleged £1bn package?

Government officials have reportedly discussed the idea of naming the insulation scheme after the campaign group