Arizona University to slash tonnes of CO2 by planting ‘entire forest’

Around 1,000 trees will be planted at the ”Carbon Sink and Learning Forest” which will be open to professors to conduct climate change research

Arizona regulator proposes clean energy mandates

An Arizona regulator has proposed a mandate to produce 80% of energy from clean sources and install 3GW of storage by 2050. Andrew Tobin, a member of the Arizona Corporation Commission said his state and its utilities should also implement reforms to boost energy efficiency, electric vehicles and biomass. The move would see the state […]

Arizona schools go green

Schools in Arizona have been recognised for increasing their usage of green energy. Arizona’s Dysart Unified School District (USD), which includes 25 schools, has committed to saving 20% of its energy in 10 years . The district is on its way towards meeting an ambitious goal of implementing solar energy in each each school. It […]

eBay bids for cost-cutting efficiency

eBay has made a bid to boost its green credentials by opening an energy efficient data centre in Arizona. Called ‘Project Mercury’, the new building is now using power more efficiently despite temperatures in the desert hitting 46C. The Green Grid, which put in the technology, looked at eBay’s servers and how its data centres […]