Energy customers ‘overcharged by £102m due to billing errors’

Billing blunders cost energy customers around £102 million in the last year. Around 1.3 million householders were overcharged by an average of £79 each – and some are still waiting for a refund, according to uSwitch. Nearly one in three of those affected said they were charged for an amount that didn’t match the meter […]

How to recover the millions firms are due from suppliers

An energy consultancy recently highlighted the ‘missing millions’ owed to businesses due to utility billing errors, but have failed to mention a solution in order to tackle this. So how do you get your money back? Historic Audits Conducting a thorough, historic utility bill audit going back six years will enable businesses to claim back […]

Guest Blog: Jaz Rabadia – Are you cashing in on energy billing errors?

Even to a trained eye, mistakes on domestic and commercial bills can be difficult to spot. The numerous lines and charges that form part of the bill make it tricky to identify discrepancies in billing, especially when you’re handling a multi-site portfolio. But behind these errors, there’s an opportunity to make back some money which […]