Painting one wind turbine blade black ‘could reduce bird mortality by 70%’

NINA has also found ultraviolet lighting may deter the birds from the lit area and notes different placement of wind infrastructure could help reduce impacts

‘The Blob’ kills one million seabirds… but what is it?

Scientists say huge numbers of common murres died at sea and washed ashore from California to Alaska

How do thousands of elastic bands end up on an uninhabited island?

The National Trust says it has solved the mystery of Mullion Island… and the answer is a disturbing one

Plastic waste ‘impairs kidney function and raises cholesterol levels in birds’

New research has found that although most birds only eat a few small pieces of plastic, that doesn’t mean they’re not seriously affected

Many bird and animal species ‘not adapting fast enough to climate change’

New research warns slow adaptation is putting ‘a majority of species’ at the risk of extinction

UV lights ‘can cut rate of birds hitting power lines by 98%’

Ultraviolet wavelengths shone onto cables can illuminate them for birds while remaining invisible to humans

Vladimir Putin claims wind turbines are harming birds and worms

The Russian President said there are “serious consequences of the application of these modern methods of obtaining energy”

Could climate change be the cause of thousands of puffin deaths?

New research led by scientists at the University of Washington suggests changing temperatures are disrupting food chains and may have caused a population of sea birds to starve

Birds not emused by hawkward turbine accidents

The renewable energy transition is posing significant threats to birdlife. That’s according to experts at the UN climate conference in Bonn, Germany, who say wind turbines in particular are causing problems for migratory bird species. Each year, millions of birds fly through Egypt’s Rift Valley and over the Red Sea as they travel between Europe and Africa, some […]

Nature reserves “should quack not frack”

Peaceful habitats of protected birds, beasts and plants could be disrupted by fracking for shale gas, wildlife campaigners claimed this week. ELN reporter Vicky Ellis took a trip to the teeming wetlands to find out why they’re so vital for the UK.