UK sets out plan to cut emissions from government buildings

The guidance will help public sector understand how to adopt low carbon technologies

‘None of the Cabinet ministers have installed heat pumps in their homes’

An investigation found that none of the 30 Conservative ministers have a heat pump

UK Government to save £84m on its energy bill

The UK Government could save £84 million in energy costs in the next 20 years under a new deal signed today. The agreement between the Government Procurement Service (GPS) and Air Products include a 20-year fixed power purchase agreement (PPA) for the firm to supply 37MW of energy. As part of the deal, Air Products […]

Blog: How the Government can really put its money where its green mouth is

How generous. The Cabinet Office is going to “diversify” 2% of its energy by using renewables. Yes, be thankful folks who work in the green economy, that means £25million worth of energy supply is up for grabs. Given that the Government is the largest single energy buyer in the country – spending a stonking £1.5billion […]

UK Government to buy energy from renewable suppliers

The UK Government is set to buy a small percentage of its own energy requirements from renewable suppliers under a new initiative announced today. The Energy for Growth project is part of the Government’s broader energy strategy to increase energy efficiency and “create the right conditions for investment in diverse, secure and sustainable energy production” […]

Last chance to have say in DECC’s energy Red Tape Challenge

This week is the public’s last chance to get across their views on energy regulations as part of the Government’s blitz on red tape. Energy Minister Charles Hendry launched the energy department’s involvement in the Cabinet Office’s Red Tape Challenge in November last year. It is part of the Government’s bid to cut back on […]