New $140m US programme for first-of-a-kind critical minerals refinery

Rare earth element and critical minerals are essential materials used in a broad range of technologies such as advanced aircraft, wind turbines, EVs, semiconductors and hydrogen fuel cells

Government told to fix ‘distortion’ in Capacity Market auctions

Subsidies for back-up power generators have “distorted” the UK’s Capacity Market (CM) and negatively affected taxpayers. That’s according to a report by Ecuity Consulting and published by UK Power Reserve, which calls on the government to do more to halt the electricity capacity market distortion. It states some generators bid at a lower level than others […]

Capacity Market ‘doesn’t secure energy supply’

The Capacity Market (CM) is “unnecessarily” expensive for consumers and doesn’t help to secure energy supply. That’s according to the Institute for Public and Policy Research (IPPR) which said the £2.8 billion subsidies to power companies is not enough to achieve the government’s energy trilemma. The CM is an annual auction which was introduced in 2014 to […]

UK to face blackouts next winter?

There could be blackouts or brownouts in the UK in the next year. That’s the conclusion of a panel debate on winter blackouts between Lord Rupert Redesdale, CEO of the Energy Managers Association and Jon Ferris, Strategy Director at Utilitywise. They agreed in the long term, the energy system in the country may not have sufficient capacity […]

EMR ‘will force government to be sole power purchaser’

The Electricity Market Reform (EMR) is pushing the UK back towards the government being the only buyer of power. That’s according to Michael Pollitt, Proffessor of Political Business at Cambridge University, who spoke to ELN at the EMR conference in London yesterday. He said: “I think that was always going to be the outcome of the EMR […]