Coal use in UK reaches six year high

Coal use in the UK reached a six year high at the beginning of the year, according to reports. Government statistics released by DECC yesterday show coal accounted for 46% of power production in the first quarter of 2012. The UK’s trade body said the figures suggest the out of favour fossil fuel is still […]

UK coal left behind by Government policy

The UK coal industry, which accounts for a total yearly average of 30% of energy generation, is being dealt a bad hand by the Government, according to the Confederation of United Kingdom Coal Producers. Speaking to ELN yesterday, Director General of CoalPro, David Brewer said Coalition decisions were endangering the UK’s security of supply: “Coal […]

Why we won’t cope without coal

Why we won’t cope without coal Story from video: UK coal left behind by Government policy Other coal stories: UK rekindles CCS affair with first pilot plant EU citizens foot €169bn bill for air pollution Generation capacity set to fluctuate as UK energy lanscape undergoes change

Could CCS failure at Longannet be a good thing?

Last week saw the UK Government pulling the rug of financial support from under the feet of the troubled Longannet carbon capture and storage project. Despite many in industry expressing their frustration in the failure of the flagship project, others say there may be opportunities. Energy Secretary Chris Huhne promised the £1 billion kitty would […]