‘Mini-reactors could decarbonise more cheaply’

  Small-scale nuclear reactors are needed for the UK to decarbonise affordably and within a suitable timeframe. That’s according to David Orr, Senior Vice President for Nuclear Rolls Royce, who says small modular reactors (SMRs) would be better suited than large-scale nuclear power stations in providing baseload capacity as large volumes of intermittent renewables come […]

Tories told small reactors are the way to decarbonise

Small nuclear reactors (SMRs) will play an essential role in the UK’s journey towards decarbonisation. That’s according to David Orr, Senior Vice President at Nuclear Rolls Royce, who said the technology is ideally suited to cost-effectively filling the gap in the grid that will be left when fossil fuel generation is taken off. He suggested […]

DECC launch £3m home improvement fund

The UK Government has launched a £3 million scheme which aims to help the installation of eco-heaters in the homes of social housing. Local authorities and social housing associations, will be able to bid for a share of the £3 million, part of the £15 million Renewable Heat Premium Payment budget. Energy and Climate Change […]