US resumes public land leasing for oil and gas drilling

The US Department of the Interior said around 144,000 acres of public land will be put up for sale this week, marking the end of a moratorium on new leases

INEOS unveils plan for new fracking test site

The company said extracting shale gas could make the UK ‘self-sufficient’ in ten years

Cambo oil field given two-year licence-extension

Shell told ELN the company will “evaluate all potential future options for the project”

Majority of Brits ‘willing to pay more for energy bills to undermine Russia’s war’

Reducing gas consumption is seen as the best way to cut the UK’s reliance on Russian gas, according to a new survey

US geothermal sector receives $20m boost to lower drilling costs

The Department of Energy is looking to dramatically lower the costs of developing geothermal energy as drilling can sometimes exceed 50% of a project’s total costs

UK’s ‘first’: Deep borehole geo-exchange heating system to slash university’s emissions

The system will capture waste energy from cooling and will store it 220 metres undeground for later use as heat

UK Oil and Gas seeks environmental permit to explore site in Arreton

The Environment Agency has launched a public consultation on the new permit, which if granted would allow UKOG to operate at the proposed site for a period of three years

US natural gas and oil production to fall in 2021

That would be a result of a decline in drilling activity related to low oil prices, with responses to the COVID-19 pandemic also leading to supply and demand disruptions

Oil discovery in Egypt’s Western Desert

Independent producer Apex said the well in Cretaceous sandstones can produce 2,000 barrels a day

New York backs tech that cuts installation time for ground-source heat pumps

Dandelion Energy claims its Sonic Drill Suite technology reduces the time it takes to install geothermal systems from up to one week to one day