Fracking should not be panacea, says Boris Johnson

The Prime Minister has said he would rather see the next government focused on energy plans that could have a minimal environmental impact

Big Zero Report 2022

Boris Johnson doesn’t believe fracking should be seen as a panacea to solve a future energy crunch.

In his final major policy speech on Thursday, the Prime Minister said: “If we could frack effectively and cheaply in this country, that would be possibly a very beneficial thing. I’m just, I have to say, slightly dubious that it will prove to be a panacea.”

However, his likely successor Liz Truss has already promised to lift a ban on fracking.

Earlier this week, it was also reported that officials were examining a plan that would see fracking supporters receiving a discount on their energy bills.

Boris Johnson continued to say: “I would much rather that we focused on the things where we are brilliant and where the environmental damage is really minimal.”

In April, the British Geological Survey was commissioned by the government to advise on the latest scientific evidence on fracking.

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