Glasgow Caledonian University pioneers smart energy management in Scotland

Glasgow Caledonian University (GCU) has recently become the first organisation to implement Dynamic Demand technology in Scotland. The smart energy management software was installed in early 2015 in the university’s award-winning Saltire Centre, a futuristic, five-storey building that houses the campus library and student services. Air Handling Units throughout the centre are turned into “smart” devices […]

Businesses can nab £1bn cash from suppliers with spare energy

Energy intensive businesses in Britain could divert £1 billion from power generators to themselves by making their spare energy supplies available to the grid – or by lowering their energy demand. That’s according to new figures calculated by demand response firm Open Energi today, based on their technique of tapping into equipment on industrial or commercial […]

New ‘smart’ venture to help businesses manage energy

A new ’smart’ venture which is expected to help businesses manage and save energy while earning revenue has been launched. Called COdemand, the project aims to provide firms with demand response solutions, which helps manage fluctuations in electricity supply and demand on the grid. Demand response increases the capacity of the grid to cope with […]