Eggborough coal plant to close with 130 job losses

The Eggborough coal-fired power station in Yorkshire is to shut down after failing to secure new supply contracts for backup power next winter. The plant, which started producing electricity in 1970, is capable of supplying 5% of power in the UK – enough electricity for two million homes. Owner Eggborough Power Ltd, which has a […]

Eggborough proposes to build gas plant at existing coal station

A consultation to develop a gas-fired power plant on the site of the existing coal-fired Eggborough facility has been launched. The gas-fired power station would have an output of around 2,000MW, capable of generating enough electricity to power two million homes. Eggborough Power Limited (EPL) said a new underground gas pipeline would be built to […]

Workers plead with MPs to save Eggborough power plant

Hundreds of workers at the Eggborough power station (pictured) have joined forces to call on their local MPs to help save the plant and 800 jobs. The 2,000MW facility has been working to covert from coal to biomass for over two years – which was due to start last month – but is expected to […]

MPs express “grave concerns” for Eggborough power plant

A group of Tory MPs has written to Energy Secretary Ed Davey expressing their “grave concerns” for the future of Eggborough power station. Eggborough in North Yorkshire is on the verge of spending £750m to convert from coal to biomass. MPs suggest the 2,000MW plant is “significantly jeopardised” by changes DECC is planning to make […]