UK-Singapore to collaborate on energy market regulation and clean energy tech deployment

Ofgem and the Energy Market Authority will hold their second bilateral dialogue virtually in the first quarter of 2021

Energy Management, The Next Generation

“People will have to be doing this stuff for years to come. Energy management won’t disappear, that’s why we need new talent.” So says James Milner, Energy and Compliance Manager for STC Energy.  Just nine years into a career in energy, he’s seen plenty of changes in some ways but not much when it comes […]

Saving energy more than just monkey business for London Zoo

It may all seem like monkey business but keeping the animals at London Zoo happy and healthy requires a serious amount of energy. Which is why they are the first company to take part in a new programme rewarding companies for training their staff to become more energy efficient. Today the zoo hosted the launch […]

New guidelines for businesses to manage energy usage

A new code of conduct with clear and easy guidelines to help businesses manage and cut their energy bills and take efficient measures is underway. The Energy Managers Association (EMA) and its partner companies will be writing the guidelines in a “standardised” way for what it calls Energy Performance Contracting (EnPC). Lord Redesdale (pictured), CEO […]

Time to get qualified?

Lord Redesdale talks to ELN about the benefit of official qualifications for energy managers.

Lord Redesdale: Energy managers need qualifications

Energy managers need to be trained and get qualifications as the industry lacks standards. That’s the view of Lord Rupert Redesdale, who recently launched the Energy Managers Association (EMA) to encourage people get formal training in energy management. He claims 95% of people who call themselves energy managers have no formal qualification in management. He […]