Robo-“dog” “spot”lights faster power tunnel tasks

UK Power Networks has introduced a robotic “dog” named “Spot” – the technology is geared to expedite underground tasks

Industry responds to reported concerns over UK hydrogen village

Northern Gas Networks project aims to supply around 2,000 homes with hydrogen by 2025

National Grid’s underlying operating profit soars by 50%

The company plans to boost infrastructure spending £40 billion by 2026

Protect powerlines during Bonfire Night!

Remember, remember – the pylons and embers

Green energy projects awarded millions of pounds in Ofgem funding

The regulator will invest £8 million in 18 projects

New independent body launched to overlook energy networks

The FSO will work with the ESO and NGG to review and improve existing electricity and gas infrastructure

Ofgem funds EV to gas network project

The connection to the network means these EVs could run on hydrogen in the future

Ofgem funds 40 projects to help energy networks hit net zero

The projects will receive £150,000 to begin research for the next two months

World-leading ENA programme marks five years of industry collaboration

To mark five years of developing the smart grid, today ENA has launched a new online hub which sets out the milestones achieved to date – and this is only the beginning of the revolution

UK energy networks’ strong ambitions for 2022

Led by ENA, the networks are looking to work more collaboratively to improve flexibility and push for decarbonisation