Protect powerlines during Bonfire Night!

Remember, remember – the pylons and embers

Protecting pylons and powerlines on Guy Fawkes Night from rockets and bonfires will be critical.

That’s the view of energy operators, which is warning those celebrating on the 5th November to bare in mind the safety of energy supply and prevention of fires.

Keeping energy infrastructure, that would normally be ignored by many, front-of-mind is crucial, the operators claim – providing a three-step guide to stay safe this weekend.

Firstly, those doing firework displays by themselves should vet the location before the night to make sure no power lines or electrical equipment is close by.

Secondly, looking up instead of around is another point to remember – as many powerlines are overhead and although can seem far away, many average firework rockets can reach them and cause damage.

Distance is the final point to remember – with the operators stating that wind can carry heat and sparks for reasonable distances, so ensuring energy infrastructure isn’t even within a fairly long vicinity is important.

David Spillett, from the Energy Networks Association, said: “The 5th November is great fun – but no one wants to turn their bonfire celebration into a blackout. It’s vital we stay safe while we’re enjoying ourselves.

“Please follow our three tips to help ensure you have a safe night: plan ahead, look out and look up – and keep your distance from overhead powerlines and other electrical equipment.”

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