‘Ukraine War accelerating renewable push’

Countries will look to produce energy domestically, as security concerns grow – a report claims

EU to deliver additional energy equipment to Ukraine

More than 40% of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure, including transmission lines, power stations and pipelines, is said to have been damaged or destroyed by Russian attacks

‘Countries’ energy supplies at risk unless they double renewables in next eight years’

Extreme weather and water stress could undermine energy security, the World Meteorological Organization has warned

Liz Truss calls for unity amid ‘energy war’

Britain’s neighbours should work together to guard against winter blackouts, the Prime Minister has said

Business Secretary: “We must get every cubic inch of gas out of the North Sea”

During a BEIS meeting, Jacob Rees-Mogg reportedly told staff that domestic gas is “unquestionably more environmentally friendly” than imports

Will EDF’s coal-fired power station help the UK keep the lights on this winter?

The West Burton A plant in Nottinghamshire could reportedly see its life extended under new government proposals

EU launches special call to support countries phasing out fossil fuels from Russia

Member states can immediately send requests to the Commission for technical support in areas, including the diversification of energy supplies, accelerate the transition to renewable energy and improve energy efficiency

Businesses warn of a joint £1bn energy bill amid price rises

Energy-intensive sectors face a 65% increase in energy bills, according to a new report