Guest Blog: Alex Tsimboykas – Leaky ECO is no laughing matter

It’s the start of a painful punchline – for home energy users that is: “DECC, David Cameron and the Big Six walk into a bar. The barman says, why the smug faces? “The cheerful three reply in unison: ‘We’ve just announced the ECO consultation!’” Sadly, the joke is currently on the most vulnerable. That’s right, the […]

ECO criticised as means of ‘political point-scoring’

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) has been criticised as a means of “political point-scoring” for the UK Government purely set up “to help the rich people”. Alex Tsimboykas (pictured, below), Operations Director at energy management consultancy EUM believes it will “not in a million years” save consumers any cash on their energy bills as claimed […]

Guest Blog: Alex Tsimboykas says green is no longer DECC's favourite colour

It’s been a week now since DECC’s announcement addressing the green taxes and although there were not too many surprises, we can already see the policy starting to take shape. The Autumn Statement confirmed a delay in ECO targets, a Green Deal review, as well as the vote winning ‘gimmick’ of a £50 energy bill […]

Ofgem’s ECO proposal could add ‘£195m on energy bills’

Householders could have £195 million added on their energy bills as a result of one of the requirements proposed in Ofgem’s Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme. That’s the claim from energy efficiency surveys company EUM in response to the consultation on “requirements for demonstrating characteristics of hard-to-treat cavities”. Energy suppliers are obliged to improve the […]