New initiative to help investors align portfolios with Paris climate goal

It is being delivered to help asset owners and managers better assess and manage both climate risk and opportunity and report on their actions more effectively

Investors call for UK decarbonisation strategy

The Institutional Investors Group on Climate Change (IIGCC) is calling for an ambitious long term decarbonisation strategy to help the UK transition towards a low carbon economy. The IIGCC, which represents 137 European institutional investors, warns that without a plan for decarbonisation, the UK may fail to attract sufficient investment to build a low carbon […]

New EU training centre to combat illegal nuclear trafficking

A new training centre aimed at combating illicit trafficking of nuclear materials has been launched in the EU. The European nuclear security training centre (EUSECTRA) in Karlsruhe, Germany, will instruct front-line officers, trainers and experts on how to detect and respond to illegal trafficking of radioactive materials. One of the training areas will imitate airport […]

EU oil and gas sector to ‘struggle’ in 2013

The European oil and gas sector will be “unattractive” this year and is set to “struggle”, according to new research. Analysts at S&P Capital IQ Equity Research said that would be down to poor revenues and earnings in the coming months as well as increased capital expenditure. They downgraded the oil and gas sector to […]

Finland could cut coal power by 2025

Finland could be the first European nation to stop using coal as part of its energy production by 2025. The Finnish Minister of Economic Affairs said renewables would play a key role if the nation is to make the target. According to the country’s energy and climate strategy, public subsidies would help boost the use […]

EU’s biofuel sustainability ‘questionable’

German researchers claim they have found evidence the sustainability of European-produced biodiesel set by the EU could be “questionable”. Two researchers from Friedrich Schiller University claim eight out of their 12 tests on locally produced rapeseed biodiesel failed to show the 35% greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions savings value. In most cases, the research showed it […]