Guest Blog: Filippo Gaddo – small firms suffer most from seesaw energy prices

Energy prices are always a touchy issue – but nowhere more so than in small firms. Predictably changes in residential prices always carry big headlines and sometimes the impact of high prices on large businesses’ competitiveness grabs the limelight. Rarely is attention paid to how small businesses cope with rising prices – but small businesses […]

Guest Blog Filippo Gaddo – How much are we paying for renewables?

Brace yourself for a big claim: compared to our Continental neighbours, British bill payers have had it easy so far when it comes to coughing up for renewable energy subsidies. So why can I say that? As ever, you just have to look at the numbers. The Council of European Energy Regulators recently published a […]

Guest Blog Filippo Gaddo – energy efficiency by numbers

January was the month of energy efficiency. The Green Deal went live, ECO started, the Prime Minister even declared that “energy efficiency is essential to economic growth” and that “it would be the greenest economies that would prosper”. Even conservative think-tank Policy Exchange now says efficiency is the way forward to fight climate change. Is […]