VW opens new Wind Tunnel Efficiency Centre

Volkswagen has launched a new hub that tests vehicles under real-world climate conditions. The car manufacturer’s Wind Tunnel Efficiency Centre in Wolfsburg, Germany can test cars at wind speeds of up to 250km/h, simulating real traffic conditions, with the aim of reducing drag, fuel usage and emissions. It claims driving simulations under all climate and […]

Freight firms fear “burdensome” cost of energy audits

Freight firms are concerned about the “time-consuming and burdensome” cost of plans for all businesses to carry out an energy audit. The Government wants to bring in a mandatory energy audit called the Energy Opportunities Saving Scheme (ESOS) and is consulting on how best to do this. The rule will keep the UK in line with […]

Manchester University staff cut fuel use by fifth

Manchester University staff have effectively cut their fuel use by nearly a fifth by using ‘smarter driving’ techniques. Around 100 of the university’s fleet drivers took new training which suggests switching to a higher gear as soon as possible, driving smoothly or at a slower speed. After Smarter Driving training, employees at the university achieved […]