New £5m project supports UK’s nuclear waste disposal programme

Testing has started on a new system to seal deep boreholes

Copeland mulls hosting radioactive waste disposal site

The Working Group will now start the process of local discussions on whether Copeland could be the right place to build a Geological Disposal Facility, with the community ultimately deciding if it wants to host a GDF or not

New £20m project to support research into safe nuclear waste disposal

The Radioactive Waste Management Research Support Office will provide independent evidence-based research to underpin the development of a geological disposal facility in the UK

Environment protection key consideration when evaluating nuclear waste disposal sites

A Geological Disposal Facility will put waste hundreds of metres deep underground and will only be built where there is both a ‘willing community and a suitable site’

UK seeks views on disposal of radioactive waste

The UK Government is seeking views from local communities on a permanent solution for the disposal of the nation’s radioactive waste. A Geological Disposal Facility (GDF) secures waste at least 200 metres underground, made up of multiple layers of materials such as steel, rock and clay to provide protection. The construction of a GDF would […]

GDF-International Power’s NYC gas plant fires up

GDF SUEZ and International Power’s gas-fired power plant in New York City has begun commercial operations. The Astoria Energy II plant is part of a project that cost US$1.3 billion to develop. Philip Cox, CEO of International Power which is 70% owned by GDF, said: “New York is an attractive market and this project adds […]

Report picks best energy suppliers to boost UK business

An independent analyst has picked out the energy firms it believes are best placed to provide UK businesses with sustainable energy supply and services. Centrica, EDF, E.ON and RWE npower are the utilities highlighted in a report by Verdantix. Other companies included in the survey are Ecotricity, GDF, Good Energy, Haven Power, Scottish and Southern […]

French power crisis will impact UK

Reports that France will see a power shortfall by as soon as 2013 will put greater pressure on the UK’s dwindling supply and force up prices, according to the UK’s largest energy consultancy, M&C Energy Group. France is facing a growing dependency on electricity imports as demand outpaces supply, particularly at peak times. David Hunter, […]