Competition watchdog to investigate if ‘eco-friendly’ claims are misleading

The CMA is concerned the surge in demand for green products and services could incentivise some businesses to make misleading, vague or false claims about the environmental impacts of their products

CSR, what CSR? “Good” corporates more likely to go bad finds study

Businesses which shout the loudest about being socially responsible could be more likely to end up doing something irresponsible, suggests a recent study. Adopting the idea of “CSR” or corporate social responsibility is common practice for big firms these days but an article published in the journal Personnel Psychology claims this could lead to complacency. […]

Asda to create ‘affordable green products’ for consumers

Asda has joined forces with the University of Leeds in a bid to create more affordable and sustainable products for its customers across the UK. They aim to establish what they claim will be the “largest ever study” solely focused on consumer attitudes towards sustainability and help find ways to help households save money at […]