Hawaiian utility boosts tropic energy transition with solar and storage projects

The plants will deliver a combined 459MW of solar generation and nearly 3GWh of energy storage

Irish wave energy device headed out to Hawaii for one-year testing phase

Ocean Energy’s 500kW wave power generator is as tall as a three-storey building and more than 35 metres long

Sheep and solar panels? Not a baaa-d idea…

The animals will be used to stop vegetation from growing over a new solar farm’s panels in Hawaii

Grid-scale solar and battery project in Hawaii gets approval

The renewable infrastructure is expected to be in service by the end of 2019

Hawaiian island of Kauai’s energy ‘could be 70% renewable by 2019’

This would be 11 years ahead of the timeframe set out in its sustainable targets

Hawaii sets goal to go zero-emissions by 2045

Governor David Ige has signed three bills in an effort to accelerate the reduction of carbon emissions

Hawaii defies Trump and passes law supporting Paris climate deal

Hawaii has become the first US state to formally adopt pledges backing the Paris climate agreement. Governor David Ige and Hawaii’s county mayors and representatives signed two bills and a mayors’ agreement that support the commitments of the climate accord. It makes Hawaii the first state to go against President Donald Trump, who recently pulled […]

Tesla solar batteries power Hawaiian island at night

Tesla is to power the Hawaiian island of Kauai with solar panels and giant battery packs. The Kapaia installation includes a 13MW solar system with more than 54,900 panels as well as 52MWh of batteries that can store power during the day and dispatch it after the sun goes down. Tesla has installed 272 of […]

Solar storage battery to be built in Hawaii

A utility scale solar project with a battery storage system is to be built in Hawaii. The SolarCity Project will supply power to the grid in the evening when demand is higher in the island of Kaua‘i. It will have a 52MWh battery system which is expected feed up to 13MW of electricity to the grid. It […]

Solar Impulse forced to land in Japan

A record-breaking attempt to cross the Pacific Ocean using a solar-powered plane has been aborted due to poor weather conditions. The pilot, Andre Borschberg, was 36 hours into what was expected to be a six-day journey from China to Hawaii. The aircraft, Solar Impulse was forced to head back to Japan to land. The team will now […]