Customers told to replace shower with wet towels!

Households have been urged to cut their water consumption in the wake of hosepipe bans

‘Emergency desalination plant switched off due to high energy costs’

An MP has questioned the reasons behind the plant’s closure although the company says it is for “maintenance work”

Energy demand peaked on UK’s hottest day

National Grid ESO report suggests on 19th July the UK saw a peak in energy demand

Uniper warns over output of coal-fired stations as river evaporates

Lower Rhine River levels mean that the company might need to cut output at a coal fire plant in Germany

Britons ‘bought more EVs this year until now than in the whole 2020’

New EV registrations totalled nearly 125,000 by the end of July, a new report suggests

Millions of customers to be hit by new hosepipe ban

People in Kent and Sussex will reportedly be hit by a new ban from 12th August

England’s first hosepipe ban to come into effect

The hosepipe ban in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight aims to protect the habitats of rivers in these regions

Britain’s heatwave would be “impossible” without climate change

Without human-caused climate change, the heatwave would have been 2°C to 4°C

England “faces the worst drought since 1976”

The Isle of Man has introduced a hosepipe ban

WMO: ‘Climate change to blame for 40°C’

‘Human influence’ will see temperatures like these ten times more likely in the future, it says