Climate change ‘could make 216m people leave their homes’

First signs of internal climate migration could emerge as early as 2030, a new report finds

‘Climate change puts one billion children’s lives at risk’

New UNICEF report reveals young people living in the Central African Republic, Chad, Nigeria and Guinea are most vulnerable to the impacts of climate change

Global bake-off: July becomes ‘Earth’s hottest month on record’!

The combined land and ocean-surface temperature was 0.93°C above the 20th-century average, the hottest since records began 142 years ago, according to a report

‘We might see extreme heat dome weather patterns appearing every other year by the end of the century’

That’s the suggestion by the Met Office climate scientist Freya Garry who spoke to ELN about the extreme heatwaves and wildfires happening across southeast Europe

Climate change ‘could make UK’s office-to-flat conversions uninhabitable’

Repurposing commercial buildings could create swathes of homes that are unfit for living in future climate conditions, according to a new report

Climate change ‘drives 37% of all heat-related deaths’

Global warming caused by human activities is to blame for more than a third of heat deaths, according to new research

Melting away: Earth lost 28 trillion tonnes of ice between 1994 and 2017

The loss is equivalent to a 100-metre thick sheet of ice covering the whole of the UK, according to new research

2020 is on track to become ‘one of the three hottest years on record’

The warmest six years on record have all occured since 2015, according to the World Meteorological Organisation’s new report

Met Office: Future weather extremes in the UK ‘may break new records’

The national meteorologic service for the UK warns extreme heat and rainfalls will pose increasing challenges to health, infrastructure and services

Greta Thunberg donates €150k for regions impacted by climate crisis

The funding will be shared by organisations helping parts of Africa swept by heatwaves, droughts and floods