Heatwave sparks £66m cooling bill for Brits

A late summer heatwave is causing UK households to face a £66 million energy bill, with those using air conditioning units and desktop fans feeling the financial heat

As students across the UK head back to school, they’re not just grappling with textbooks and backpacks but also soaring temperatures.

According to the Met Office’s predictions, both Wednesday and Thursday are expected to see temperatures reach a maximum of 32°C.

The late summer heatwave is predicted to prompt a surge in energy consumption, with households using air conditioning units expected to shell out more than £64 million this week, according to data from Uswitch.

For the approximately two million UK households equipped with air conditioning units, staying cool during this heatwave comes at a considerable cost.

Experts say these units can consume up to 2.7kW, and during a typical week, households use them for nearly three hours.

However, when temperatures soar, usage spikes to an average of four hours and 18 minutes during the day and four hours and 48 minutes at night.

This translates to an energy bill that skyrockets from £2.43 a week to £51.60.

Meanwhile, approximately one million homes rely on portable air conditioning units, which consume 1kW of power.

These units are used for nearly two hours a week on average, costing around 60p. However, during hot spells, the bill for cooling rises substantially, reaching £19.11 a week.

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