James Close interviews Home Retail Group’s David Medori

How do energy managers get their message across to boards and what are the big issues they need to look at? Ernst & Young’s James Close took a look at this with David Medori of the Home Retail Group at Energy Live 2012.

Energy always on Argos’ agenda

David Medori of Home Retail Group discusses his views on energy efficiency.

Dr David Medori Bio

Dr David Medori is Procurement Specialist for Energy and Financial Services.  Currently working at Home Retail Group the parent company for Argos, Homebase and Habitat since 2007.  Prior to Home Retail Group David has worked for Citi and Visteon Corporation where he had 5 years pan European sourcing responsibility for energy supply contracts across 11 […]

Energy a bigger risk for business than health and safety

Businesses rank energy as a greater risk to them than health and safety, credit and security, according to a new white paper. And a key strand of that energy risk is reputation. Dr Samuel Fankhauser of the London School of Economics, which put together the white paper with npower, said: “Reputation, as talked about in […]