Hyundai unveils hybrid car with solar panel roof

With six hours of daily charging, it is expected to increase the travel distance by an extra 1,300km annually

EU lends €26m to develop innovative parts for low emission vehicles

Cikautxo specialises in rubber and plastic components for the automotive sector

Kia unveils $10.2bn ‘green car roadmap’

Kia has announced it will develop “a greatly increased range” of environmental friendly vehicles. The South Korean firm has designed a five-year ‘green car roadmap’ which includes a target to become the lowest emissions of its kind in the car market by 2020. The car manufacturer aims to increase its green car models to 11 during […]

Mitsubishi EV ‘leads UK ultra-green market’

Mitsubishi hybrid cars are the most common ultra-green vehicles in the UK. That’s according to a new analysis made by the RAC Foundation, which found the company’s ‘Outlander Plug-in Hybrid’ model has knocked the ‘Nissan LEAF’ off the top spot. More than 9,000 outlanders have been licensed in the first quarter of 2015 – an 85% […]

Hybrid cars registrations continue to rise

The EU saw a rise in the number of alternative-fuelled vehicles bought in 2013, latest figures show. Registrations of new hybrid and plug-in cars rose 17.5% last year to 32,727 units out of the 2.26 million of vehicles in total, according to the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT). Within the past two years, […]

Pricey Porsche hybrid due to go on sale

Porsche is known for its luxury motors – and its recent entry into the hybrid car market has no less eyebrow-raising a price tag. The German car maker’s Panamera S E-Hybrid has a top track speed of 167 mph and can hit up to 84 mph in all-electric operation. With a cool price tag of […]