Drought conditions mean public has to step up

Water companies are putting their faith in the public that they won’t overuse their water supply over the coming weeks. A hosepipe ban was officially announced yesterday for the Easter weekend, but some want the utilities to reduce their waste. Adam Kingdon, CEO of i20 Water told ELN: “The drought conditions are very worrying. Unless […]

Revamp water networks should be first step for drought issue

Every day 3.3 billion litres of water is lost in the UK through leaking pipes. With DEFRA calling an emergency water summit this week, one company say there needs to be a change in the way our water networks are managed. Adam Kingdon CEO of technology specialist i2O Water said: “This drought should be a […]

Technology saves water company 1.5m litres a day

A water company is saving 1.5 million litres of leaked water every day by using a specialist technology which automatically adjusts pressure and flow. Veolia Water installed the i2O system, which works by continuously adjusting the pressure in the network so it operates at an optimum level. The readings are sent to their ‘cloud’ server […]