Making your own power…what’s the recipe?

Whether your business buys its power from the grid or has its own gas or oil-fired CHP system, the price you actually pay for heat and electricity will depend upon various matters outside of your control… the vagaries of fuel prices, the method of generation, the state and capacity of your local network, as well […]

Benefits of using can crushers in commercial industries

When deciding on the next piece of equipment necessary for your business, a can crusher compactor may not be the first on your list. However, if you are working in an industry that frequently uses paint drums and pails, tins or metal cans, a can crusher offers a vast array of benefits. Depending on your […]

Which commercial waste compactor should your business choose?

For many industries, possessing waste compactors comes with a number of surprising benefits. The eco-friendly, money-saving and comparatively clean machines can help dispose of waste effectively in a number of commercial sectors. However, before you jump to purchase a waste compactor for your business, you must first determine exactly which model is right for you […]

Risks of failing to get an up to date EPC in London

Every veteran property owner knows what an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is and rightfully wary of being caught out without one. Fines, letting and selling restrictions and legal trouble are what you can expect dumped on your doorstep when you fail to comply with UK EPC regulations. Introduced on August 1st, 2007, EPCs in London are […]

How small businesses can benefit from solar panels

One in 10 small businesses are now generating their own electricity on site, according to the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB). It said 12% of its members are primarily using solar panels to produce their own energy, which showcases small businesses are realising the benefits the renewable source offers. Since 2012, the cost to install […]

Businesses can save money with waste compactor

Using a waste compactor to bale recyclable materials such as cardboard and plastic is a better all-round solution than filling bins and skips on a daily basis. Most businesses will install a waste compactor for the same purpose and unless the waste quantities aren’t big enough, there is rarely a reason why a waste compactor […]

Customer Vulnerability: Can third-party data help make a difference?

Anyone can find themselves in circumstances that make them vulnerable and this situation may not be permanent. Vulnerability can include those in financial difficulty, those of pensionable age or customers with a disability. Supported by industry regulators, utilities are looking to understand the different dimensions of “customers who are in circumstances that make them vulnerable, […]