MEPs back new rules to make power market ‘cleaner’ and prevent blackouts

They have adopted four new laws on the EU electricity market under the Clean Energy for All Europeans package

EU Parliament backs ban on single-use plastics

The throwaway plastics to be banned from 2021 include straws, cutlery, plates, balloon sticks and cotton buds

European trade unions on the march for climate muscle

The guide offers advice and examples on how they can boost their influence climate strategy

MEPs greenlight stricter car testing reforms post-dieselgate scandal

The European Commission can impose fines of up to €30,000 (£26,260) per vehicle if manufacturers break the rules

MEPs back near zero energy buildings by 2050

Member states will be required to develop national long term strategies to support cost-saving renovation of public and private buildings

MEPs vote for stronger energy efficiency, renewables targets

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) have voted to reduce energy use by 40% by 2030. Each EU nation will have to set its own corresponding national energy efficiency targets that are needed to reach the overall goal. They would cover all stages of the energy chain, including generation, transmission, distribution and end use. In […]

MEPs propose higher renewable energy target

Environment MEPs are proposing to raise the EU’s renewable energy goals for 2030. They suggest increasing the share of energy from renewable sources such as solar and wind to at least 35%. It is part of the ongoing reform of the renewables energy directive, a central piece of EU energy and climate change policy, which […]

MEPs call for higher EU climate goals

Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) are urging the EU to ratchet up its climate goals. In a resolution put to vote this week, ahead of the UN’s COP23 meeting in Bonn next month, they called on the EU to set out a mid-century zero emissions strategy by 2018 in line with the aims of […]

MEPS vote to improve EU emissions policy

MEPs have voted to improve one of the EU’s key climate policies. The European Parliament’s Environment Committee have proposed improvements to the original draft of the Effort Sharing Regulation (ESR), which covers emissions from the transport, waste, buildings and agriculture sectors for the coming decade. The Committee voted in favour of aligning the starting point […]

MEPs call for unsustainable palm oil clampdown

MEPs have called for a clampdown on imports of unsustainable palm oil and its use in biofuel. In a resolution voted today, 640 ministers supported the Czech Republic’s Kateřina Konečná in asserting a large part of global palm oil production is in breach of fundamental human rights and can often prove untraceable. Only 18 MEPs […]