MPs asked not to apply for £150 energy rebate

The IPSA has called on MPs to repay the Council Tax Rebate to the body in case they receive it

There won’t be more help for rising energy bills before autumn

Rishi Sunak told MPs it would not be sensible to take further action

Fuel duty cut by 5p per litre, Rishi Sunak tells MPs

The Chancellor has announced new measures to tackle rising energy bills and fuel prices in his Spring Statement

Will additional Bulb administration costs cripple households?

Bulb’s special administration is predicted to cost taxpayers at least £1.3 billion more than the original £1.7 billion estimate

MPs told petrol could hit ‘£2.50 per litre’

Diesel rising to £3 per litre is also ‘definitely in the realms of possibility’ according to experts

MPs criticise government over “no clear plan” for net zero funding

Ministers have no clear idea of the cost of cutting emissions, the Public Accounts Committee suggests

MPs urge government to set more detailed ban on gas boilers

The BEIS Committee said government heat decarbonisation strategy lacks direction

MPs ‘expensed almost £30k on energy bills’

Nearly 200 MPs reportedly claimed expenses for electricity, gas and dual fuel bills for their second homes in the first five months of 2021

OVO Energy’s ‘keep warm’ campaign sparks backlash

The energy supplier apologised over the “poorly judged” and “unhelpful” content

MP slammed council for investing in energy supplier

Andy Carter questioned Warrington Borough Council’s move to invest £52 million in a company that is reportedly struggling to find new investors