MPs to quiz energy leaders on boosting net zero project connectivity

The Environmental Audit Committee’s session will explore planning constraints and the role of localised power generation, particularly through community energy projects

King’s Speech: What to expect?

The King’s Speech is expected to include a range of legislative proposals that address economic growth, energy security, Brexit-related matters and support for businesses in adopting new technologies

New Ofgem boss addresses staff morale and turnover concerns

Mark McAllister, Ofgem’s incoming Chair, has voiced concerns about low staff morale and high turnover

London denies plans for pay-per-mile road charging scheme

The Mayor of London denies plans for a pay-per-mile or pay-per-minute road charging scheme, contradicting statements made by ministers in the Commons

Ofwat ex-boss: “I will not apologise for my role as Chief Executive”

Cathryn Ross, now serving as interim co-chief executive of Thames Water, faced scrutiny from MPs for her role in approving the 2014 price review that contributed to Thames Water’s financial struggles

UK green power goals in jeopardy, MPs warn

The House of Commons Public Accounts Committee has criticised the government’s “lack of clear plan” for achieving green power goals, casting doubt on expansion of nuclear, solar, and wind power

Race for the Chair of Energy Security and Net Zero Committee heats up

Nominations for the new Chair of the Select Committee on Energy Security and Net Zero close today

Could a new UK law send homeowners straight to hydrogen boilers?

Gas distribution networks could soon be given the authority to enter people’s homes and install hydrogen boilers without their consent, as part of a hydrogen trials programme

Ofgem: “Suppliers won’t be restarting forced PPM installations at the end of March”

The chief of the energy regulator has urged the industry, including Centrica’s CEO to take immediate action and not wait for reviews to conclude

Senior MPs claim thousands of pounds in expenses for energy bills

New IPSA data shows that top Cabinet ministers claim significant costs for fuel in their second homes