US power firm scraps $24m nuclear project

The biggest energy company in the US has announced it will not be proceeding with a $24 billion (£15.7bn) nuclear power project in central Florida, reports claim. Delays in licensing of new plants by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and doubts about cost recovery are believed to have led to the decision, however, Duke Energy said […]

US nuclear licence renewals delayed

The US will not be able to renew licences for operating nuclear plants for a few years due to a federal court ruling, it was announced yesterday. Gregory Jaczko, departing chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) said practical impact of the plants will be limited and the reactors that have applied for a 20-year […]

First new US nuclear licence in three decades approved

Approval of the first new nuclear operating licence in the USA for at least three decades is being hailed as a “crucial step” in revitalising the country’s nuclear industry by an American trade group. US federal regulators yesterday gave state utility Georgia Power a licence to build two new reactors near its existing nuclear plant. […]

Toshiba face nuclear upset in US

Licensing of two American nuclear reactors may be affected after the US Atomic Safety and Licensing Board ruled in favour of its opponents, who have argued that it goes against American Law. Brett Jarmer, a lawyer for the opposition of the plants, the Sustainable Energy and Economic Development Coalition, said: “Federal law is clear that […]