School kids to learn about renewable energy

A new national education programme teaching kids about renewable energy is launching in the UK. Renewable energy firm Urban Wind wants to dispel some of the myths about green power and give them an opportunity to design their own alternative energy technology. Phil McVan, Managing Director of the company said: “We don’t want to just […]

Contract worth £5 million to install 190 wind turbines in England and Wales

A wind turbine manufacturer and energy provider have signed a contract of more than £5 million to install 190 small wind turbines in England and Wales over the next year. The contract between Gaia-Wind and CEG Power will use the turbine manufacturer’s 133-11kW model. Phil McVan, MD at Myriad CEG Power said: “We are delighted […]

Wind customers suffer knockout blow

The wind sector will receive an unlikely boost from turbine manufacturer Proven Energy collapsing, although the same can’t be said for its customers, according to the managing director of Myriad CEG. Last month Proven Energy stopped sales of its Proven 35-2 turbine after finding a defect in three machines and forced the company’s collapse. Irish […]