Pret promises cutlery for the compost

The sandwich chain and cafe announced the move to limit plastic waste on Twitter

Water companies ‘not doing enough to reduce serious pollution incidents’

The number of events that have a serious, extensive or persistent impact on the environment has increased

Plastic pollution ‘has spread to every part of the planet’s oceans’

A round-the-world yacht crew has measured how many plastic particles are present in marine environments

UN and EU adopt new roadmap to tackle marine pollution

They aim to support the conservation of marine biodiversity and ecosystems and keep the world’s oceans healthy, cleaner and resilient

MPs launch inquiry into sustainability of fashion industry

The Environmental Audit Committee will examine the carbon, resource use and water footprint of clothing through its lifecycle

‘Less than 0.01% of US school buses use alternative fuel sources’

Around 95% of all such vehicles in operation in 2017 were powered by diesel engines

UK launches review to crackdown on ‘organised waste crime’

Official figures reveal it cost the English economy more than £600m in 2015

UK’s ‘car addiction costing economy more than £6bn in health costs a year’

The health damage associated with diesel vehicle emissions is shown to be around 20 times more than electric vehicles

India pledges to clean up litter around 100 historic sites

The nation initially aims to establish a 500-metre litter-free boundary around the Taj Mahal

Hamburg bans diesel cars on two of its roads

The move makes it the first German city to introduce such a ruling