Eye-ce melts! Climate change threatens eye health

Over the past years, the detrimental effects of climate change have become increasingly evident. Rising temperatures, pollution, and intensifying natural disasters are impacting various aspects of human life.

UK Government under fire for 2030 nature target

UK environmental organisations have criticised the government for its lack of evidence supporting its claim to be on track to meet its target of protecting 30% of land and sea

The Different Kinds of Bioplastic Paving the Way for a More Sustainable Fashion Industry

The fashion industry has long been known for being one of the biggest offenders in global pollution

UK carbon prices: Government makes pollution easier for businesses?

The government’s recent changes to the Emissions Trading Scheme have been met with criticism from analysts

‘Road plans will stop net zero target’

Groups claim that new roads will lead to more pollution from vans and hybrid cars, which were previously overlooked

UN: World grants protected status to 30% of global seas

The High Seas Treaty signed between 200 countries aims to control deep sea mining and other activities in a bid to protect marine life

‘Car industry to surpass Paris aims by 75%’

If urgent action isn’t taken, its entire carbon budget will be spent by 2035 – a study claims

Single-use plates and forks to be banned in England

The move could come before the end of 2023

Ofwat: ‘Water companies letting down environment’

Serious pollution incidents have risen from 2021 – and £132m in fines have been issued

The Carbon Column – Hotting up with The Earthshot Prize

The Earthshot Prize happened over the weekend and in this article, I discuss some of the winning solutions