Hinkley Point C could ‘wipe out’ 11 billion fish, Bristol Channel campaigners say

Activist groups are campaigning against EDF’s decision to remove Acoustic Fish Deterrents on the cooling water intakes at the nuclear power station

Anti-Hinkley voices remain defiant

  Hinkley Point C does not make financial or environmental sense and should not go ahead despite approval from the UK Government. That’s the view of campaigners from Greenpeace and Stop Hinkley, who went to 10 Downing Street yesterday to deliver a petition, signed by 300,000 people, calling for the cancellation of the nuclear project. […]

EDF: new nuclear could make UK £5bn a year

A nuclear revival could boost the UK economy by £5 billion a year, according to new research commissioned by EDF Energy. The French supplier is currently the front runner for new nuclear power in Britain, with plans for four new UK plants including Hinkley Point C in the south west of England. It is yet […]

Nuclear plant targeted for protest

A demonstration is expected to blockade an EDF nuclear power station on Monday. The Stop Hinkley Group say 100 people will come from all over the country to block the plant’s entrance. EDF plans to build two new reactors at the Hinkley Point plant, which could generate 6% of the UK’s total energy. Local resident […]