CCS market will be worth $8bn next year

The global carbon capture and storage market (CCS) will be worth $7.78bn (£4.9bn) in 2013 according to new analysis, which suggests governments are turning to the technology which traps the carbon from emissions and stores it underground, especially when it comes to using coal (pictured). The forecast by London-based consultancy Visiongain suggests there will be […]

Gas processing will be worth $12.5bn by end of 2011

The gas processing market, which purifies raw natural gas and makes it safe for consumers, could hit $12.5billion in value by the end of the year, claims a new report. The Gas Processing Infrastructure Market 2011-2021, by energy analysts at Visiongain, predicts a boom in market value. The analysts point to World Energy Council figures […]

Arctic oil and gas market valued at $11.9bn

The Arctic oil and gas market is worth $11.93bn in 2011, according to analysts. In a report by Visiongain, called The Arctic Oil & Gas Exploration & Production (E&P) Market 2011-2021, experts predict strong growth in the Arctic region for the next decade. A shift from onshore sites to offshore, driven by high oil prices, […]

Shale Oil industry worth £1.75 billion

A report detailing the shale oil industry claims it is worth $2.88bn (£1.75bn). Business Analysts, Visiongain have published a report: ‘The Oil Shale Market 2011-2021’, which has calculated the global oil shale market on new infrastructure and upgrading of existing oil shale facilities plus spending on R&D. The report says the market is “likely to […]