‘Eternally charged’ smartwatches to become real with nuclear waste-powered battery

The NDB Technology team behind the battery that could allegedly last up to 28,000 years spoke to ELN about the new application of their technology

‘Humans, the chief cause of the climate changes we are seeing today’

Dr Matthew Blackett, Curriculum Lead, Energy and Environment at Coventry University spoke to ELN about what the IPCC report means for our responsibility to be kinder to the environment

‘Heat pump grants will most likely benefit the richest households’

Dr Benny Peiser, Global Warming Policy Forum Director spoke to ELN about the reported £400m scrappage scheme that will allegedly encourage households to replace their boilers with low carbon heat pumps

Eleven-year-old walks 200 miles to ask Boris for a Carbon Tax!

Jude Walker, an 11-year-old boy, spoke to ELN about his epic odyssey to raise awareness around climate change

Could cement be zero carbon?

Ian Riley, CEO of the World Cement Association, spoke to ELN about potential technologies that can support the cement industry’s journey to net zero

‘Fires, floods and the IPCC report ring the death of fossil fuels’

That’s according to Chris Rapley, Professor of Climate Science at the University College London who spoke to ELN about the implications of the IPCC report for governments around the world

‘Mankind could face catastrophic temperature rises of as much as 4°C’ says IPCC author

One of the authors of IPCC Climate Report, Jessica Tierney, talks to ELN about the dangerous human influence on extreme weather events

Which are the top 5 oil-producing countries in the world?

This week, the ELN top 5 series looks at the five largest oil producers in the world

The IPCC Report in 60 seconds…

What were the key findings and points to take from the IPCC’s report on climate change yesterday?

‘We might see extreme heat dome weather patterns appearing every other year by the end of the century’

That’s the suggestion by the Met Office climate scientist Freya Garry who spoke to ELN about the extreme heatwaves and wildfires happening across southeast Europe