Shell venture keeps on trucking for fuel efficiency

In collaboration with the Airflow Truck Company, the energy giant aims to slash the fuel consumption of freight vehicles

New EU rules for ‘greener and safer’ lorries

New rules for safer and more eco-friendly lorries have been approved by the European Parliament. The European Commission put forward the rules, which will allow manufacturers to develop more aerodynamic lorries which reduce fuel usage by 7% – 10% and cut greenhouse gas emissions. That could mean savings worth €5,000 (£3,565) every year in fuel […]

MEPs back safer, greener truck designs

European politicians are proposing to ease rules on trucks to boost safety and fuel savings. Yesterday MEPs on the EU’s Transport Committee put forward draft rules which would let designers change the bodywork of lorries. At the moment it is illegal to make trucks too long or weigh too much – but the rule change […]