Shell venture keeps on trucking for fuel efficiency

In collaboration with the Airflow Truck Company, the energy giant aims to slash the fuel consumption of freight vehicles

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A new venture between Shell and the Airflow Truck Company aims to slash the fuel consumption of freight vehicles.

The Starship lorry uses a range of energy efficiency measures to minimise the fuel needed to carry cargo, including a carbon fibre cab, side skirts and ‘boat tail’ extension panels to reduce drag and smooth airflow.

The engine uses a new low-viscosity synthetic oil developed by Shell, which the energy giant says will protect against wear and tear and improve fuel economy.

The companies involved say its hybrid electric axle system will give the truck a power boost while going uphill, rather than relying on burning larger amounts of diesel.

It is also outfitted with solar panels, which power the air conditioning units in the cab and trailer.

Shell says it aims for the truck to be ready to achieve strict efficiency rules in the future before they are implemented.

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