‘No-one can imagine what a tonne of carbon looks like’

Talking about CO2 emissions in the context of tonnes of carbon means nothing to the man or woman in the street and is unhelpful in getting across energy efficiency messages. So said a waste management specialist at a sustainability conference. Paul Levett, deputy chief executive of Veolia, said: “No-one can imagine what a tonne of […]

Michael Abbott at the Energy Lectures

Michael Abbott of Inenco gives the lowdown on the economics of the low carbon economy

James Summerbell at the Energy Lectures

James Summerbell of Tesco talks through Biofuel CHP Generation

Browne highlights engineers’ energy role

Lord Browne, former BP chief and now managing director of Riverstone, the world’s largest renewable energy fund, yesterday stressed the role that engineers can play in providing a low carbon economy. “Clever engineering allows us to do more for less with energy,” Lord Browne said at sustainability conference Base London. “Engineers are a unique human […]

David Brewer at the Energy Lectures

David Brewer of Coalpro discusses the state of the UK Coal Industry

David Porter at the Energy Lectures

David Porter of the Association of Electricity Producers discusses UK Energy Security

The Energy Security & Green Energy Bill

Sumit Bose reports from Westminster

OPEC chiefs vow to stick to targets

Oil was trading around $71 a barrel on Wednesday, up more than $2 on the day but close to the bottom of the $70 to $80 range that many in OPEC have said is fair for both producers and consumers. Libya’s top oil official Shokri Ghanem speaking at the Reuters Global Energy Summit said, “We […]

Low Carbon Buildings Programme scrapped

The government has scrapped the Low Carbon Buildings Programme in a move it says will save £3m. The closure is part of the government’s £6bn-worth of spending cuts announced on Monday. Of this £6bn, some £85m will come from the Department of Energy and Climate Change, with the first casualty being the LCBP. DECC says […]

Scotland boasts 1,000 Green schools

Scotland now has 1,000 schools with ‘Green flag’ status under the Eco-Schools scheme. Eco-Schools is an international initiative encompassing 45 countries. In Scotland it is funded by the government. St Joseph’s Primary School in Milngavie, Glasgow, is the 1,000th Green flagged school in Scotland. Nearly one third of local authority Scottish schools now have a […]