Benefits of CHP

The financial and emission benefits of CHP

Financial Benefits of CHP

CHP represents a highly efficient use of fuel, which means lower energy costs for the user. In the UK, taxation benefits can be obtained through avoidance of Climate Change Levy (Good Quality CHP) and the possibility of Enhanced Capital Allowances for eligible organisations. Third party or supplier funding[ESCO] options for CHP means an organisation has the option of outsourcing the CHP system without capital outlay giving an immediate payback.

Emission Benefits of CHP

In the UK, the recent amendments to the Building Regulations, Part L2A and Part L2B seek to reduce both energy consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 28% compared to the 2002 regulations. All CHP schemes produce reduced emissions compared to the separate supply of mains electricity and traditional means of site heat production. A well designed and operated CHP plant can contribute significantly towards Part L compliance. Exhaust emissions are set at 500ppm (NOx), but can this be reduced to 250ppm as the new Medium Combustion Directive, whilst deploying the SCR this will reduced the CO2 being produced by the CHP plant.

The Cogeneration in the UK

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