‘Brokers’ pricing models will be impacted by disruptive technologies’

Blockchain tools, smart data and increasingly savvy consumers are impacting the market

Daily News Update

Brokers’ traditional pricing models will be impacted by disruptive technologies.

That’s according to Lisa Gingell, Director of 3-eight Communications, who said consultants’ existing ways of doing business will be affected by new things like blockchain tools, smart data and increasingly savvy consumers.

Speaking on the panel at the third Energy Live Consultancy Conference (ELCC) at Manchester’s Etihad Stadium, she advised TPIs need to work more closely with consumers to improve communication and become the go-to point for advice regarding energy strategies.

Ms Gingell told ELN: “They understand the market, they understand energy prices, they understand more than the consumer does so articulate that to them, the TPI needs to think on behalf of the consumer.”

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