Mercedes-Benz transforms old coal plant to battery facility

The project will supply balancing power to the grid and store batteries before they are used in electric vehicles

Daimler, through subsidiary Mercedes-Benz Energy and its partners, has transformed an old coal-fired power station in Germany into a battery storage facility.

Along with GETEC ENERGIE and technology firm The Mobility House, the automobile manufacturer has installed a total of 1,920 battery modules in the former Elverlingsen coal power station, which was originally built in 1912 and recently shut down.

The batteries have a power output of 8.96MW and a total energy capacity of 9.8MWh.

As well as supplying balancing power for the energy market, the site also serves as a storage unit for batteries before they are potentially used in the company’s electric vehicles (EVs).

Batteries need regular cycling while they are stored to avoid defects occurring – by being charged and discharged as they balance the grid, their shelf life can be extended.

The stored battery modules are expected to be sufficient for at least 600 vehicles and the system’s modular design enables it to be refilled with new batteries when needed.

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