Water firm United Utilities unveils 10-year green fleet plan

It aims to eliminate the use of diesel and support ‘home-produced energy’ instead

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United Utilities has unveiled plans to switch its entire fleet of vehicles from using diesel to green fuels within a decade.

The water company said it aims to reduce its annual diesel use from four million litres to zero and support “home-produced energy” instead.

It has so far bought four electric vans, 11 site-based electric vehicles (EVs), two all-electric cars and two hybrid cars.

The company has also started working with the Low Carbon Vehicle Partnership and the Northern Powerhouse to address the challenge of cutting carbon emissions and air pollution across the North West.

Chief Operating Officer Steve Fraser said: “Our teams need to travel the length and breadth of the North West to keep the taps flowing and the toilets flushing for our customers.

“Traditional diesel-powered vehicles are not great for the environment so our ambition is to migrate all of our fleet away from traditional fuels over the next 10 years. What is really exciting is our aim to power those vehicles with the energy we produce ourselves – a truly green solution.”

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