Mercedes-Benz transforms old coal plant to battery facility

The project will supply balancing power to the grid and store batteries before they are used in electric vehicles

Battery storage & why you need an aggregator partner

The recent and ever-growing demand for renewable energy is driving a movement to get more sustainable energy sources added to the Grid.

New project trials EV to building energy storage

ENGIE, Hitachi Europe and Mitsubishi Motors have joined forces for the ‘smart grid charger’ project

Onshore wind and solar ‘become a fifth more competitive’

A new report says coal and gas are facing an increasing threat to their position in the global energy generation mix

Rolls-Royce links up with UK start-up for energy storage

It will work with Superdielectrics for the development of batteries using the same material originally designed for contact lenses

New EU innovation deal to address EV battery barriers

The European Commission is working with eight partners to tackle issues around recycling and reusing EV batteries

Automotive firms team up on hybrid battery tech

A new joint venture aims to allow an automotive company to source battery units for its hybrid cars from a single source

Can paper-based batteries stop tearable eco-damage?

New paper-based batteries could provide a sustainable alternative to traditional power-packs. Made from paper, carbon and non-toxic metals, Fuelium’s batteries are suited for use in relatively small-scale, water-based applications, such as blood diagnostics or tests to detect diseases with tissue samples. This equipment generally requires single-use electronic devices, which can be disposed of without recycling […]

Ribbon cut on massive EV battery plant in Germany

An alternative mobility firm has officially opened a large-scale electric vehicle (EV) battery plant in Germany. Akasol says its €10 million (£8.9m) factory in Langen will be able to produce lithium-ion battery systems for up to 3,000 electric buses and other large commercial vehicles every year. The company suggests it may double the finances ploughed […]

Recycle old batteries – free of charge!

As many as 178 million old batteries are hidden away in UK homes, despite being made of valuable and reusable metals. That’s according to a new survey from environmental charity Hubbub and resource efficiency specialist Ecosurety, which suggests around 60% of the public are hoarding batteries. Less than half of the survey’s respondents realised they […]