Instead of charging your EV, just change the battery

Could switching your battery instantly for a fully charged one instead of waiting for it to charge be the answer to growing demand?

EVs to make up 83% of battery demand in 20 years

This is due to growing demand and industry priorities, a new report claims

GM test EVs as back-up power source

Its pilot investigates whether EVs could be used to power the needs of homes in California

Why is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine halting EV production?

The price of nickel has risen by 250% in the last two days, a key component of EV batteries

New agreement signed for Europe’s ‘first’ lithium refinery

The production plant in Germany will have the capacity to produce 24,000 metric tons of battery-grade lithium hydroxide annually for the batteries of 500,000 EVs

US offers $420m to advance clean energy breakthroughs

Energy Frontier Research Centres will use the funding to advance climate solutions through early-stage research on clean energy technology, advanced and low carbon manufacturing and quantum information science

How does winter weather affect your EV batteries?

What effect do colder temperatures have on EV range and performance – and what can you do about it?

US small businesses awarded $35m for clean energy and climate solutions

The technologies include climate research tools, improved batteries for EVs and commercialising a new low cost and efficient hydrogen energy storage system

EU approves Hungary’s €24m state aid for battery copper foil plant

The copper foil manufactured by Volta Energy Solutions in this facility will specifically be used for EV batteries

Australia announces $100m fund to support grid-scale batteries

Funding will be provided to new battery energy storage projects of 70MW or larger capacity that are equipped with advanced inverters to support the grid